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Georgia Gov. Formally Called to Testify In Trump Election Fraud Probe

Georgia Gov. Formally Called to Testify In Trump Election Fraud Probe

Georgia Governor Brian Kemp has been called to testify in the ongoing Trump election fraud probe, potentially impacting his re-election campaign.

Incumbent Kemp is currently running against Stacey Abrams, and the duo have recently been engaged in a heated back-and-forth regarding tax cuts and job creation in the Peach State. 

Earlier this month, the Associated Press reported:

[After Abrams suggested] that "miserly" Republicans are denying basic services and ignoring inequities in pursuit of low spending and tax cuts for the rich, Kemp started swinging at Abrams as he celebrated record-high economic development numbers Wednesday.

"If anyone wants to suggest we aren't delivering on jobs and opportunities for everyone in this state, they should get their facts straight before commenting on things that they simply do not understand," Kemp said.

The Governor has also promised that, should he win his re-election race, he will "will seek to revive a property tax break that succumbed in 2009 amid the state budget crisis caused by the Great Recession."

Now, Kemp has found himself embroiled in the Trump election fraud trial, which recently saw former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani called before a grand jury. 

Fulton County Superior Court Judge Robert McBurney issued a six-page ruling that says Kemp must testify regarding his resistance to overturn the results of the 2020 Presidential election in Georgia. 

However, Kemp does not have to take the stand until after the November election is over. Judge Burney's ruling reads, in part:

"The governor is in the midst of a re-election campaign and this criminal grand jury investigation should not be used by the District Attorney, the Governor's opponent, or the Governor himself to influence the outcome of that election. Once the election is over, the Court expects the Governor's legal team promptly to make arrangements for his appearance."

Regardless of the fact that Kemp does not have to testify until after voters visit the polls, there is little doubt that this news will impact some Georgians' Gubernatorial choices when November rolls around. 

NBC News noted that McBurney also made a separate ruling related to the ongoing election fraud investigation:

In a separate ruling Monday, McBurney also denied a bid by lawyer Kenneth Chesebro to quash a subpoena for his testimony before the grand jury. The House committee investigating the Jan. 6, 2021, riot at the U.S. Capitol has said Chesebro was a proponent of a plan to put forward "alternate electors" in states Trump lost, including Georgia.

What do you think about Governor Kemp being called to testify?

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