Introducing TaxBuzzAI: Your AI Tax and Accounting Practice Assistant

The future of tax and accounting is here. TaxBuzzAI accelerates daily tasks, from writing email responses, answering tax research questions, writing blog articles, to creating personalized client engagement letters and proposals. All done for you in minutes with results you can trust.

“I love the TaxBuzz AI and am looking forward to upgrading my service.”

Maryann F Hopkins

Fast-track tax research

Enter a client background and tax scenario, and get an accurate answer with citations in just a few moments. TaxBuzz AI can even write sophisticated tax planning strategies for various clients based on your inputs.

Streamline Client Communication

Just cut and paste your inbound client inquiries, add some additional instructions, and TaxBuzzAI will create your reply to client correspondence faster than you can say “Internal Revenue Service.”

Personalized Client Intake at Scale

TaxBuzzAI can write client engagement letters, proposals, discovery call questionnaires, and even create intake forms personalized to your clients preferences.

Superior Accuracy

TaxBuzzAI is powered by ChatGPT 4 and trained with our extensive knowledge base of thousands of blog articles, tax guides, and human-researched content. This sets us apart from every other chat tool on the market today. Even more exciting for professionals like you, TaxBuzzAI is trained in real time so you won’t be stuck with outdated analysis or bad outputs generated by generic bots.

Relied on by 28,000+ registered tax and accounting community members

TaxBuzz is powered by artificial intelligence but supported by an army of fellow tax and accounting professionals who provide human feedback to AI answers thanks to our one-of-a-kind community forum. Think of it as your backoffice technical research team for the 21st century.