Jason Arsenault

How Accountants & Business Owners in Gallup New Mexico Find Success
Jason Arsenault
Sep 8, 2023
Let’s delve into the important relationship between business owners and accountants. Shedding light on how your insights and our expertise work together to drive success.
Jason Arsenault

Jason Arsenault

One thing we can count on in our lives is change. When I first started working fulltime it was for a sporting goods store. It wasn't long before me and the owner had partnered to start a mail order company selling bikes. This was before the explosion of ecommerce. It amazed me how much I didn't know about business and how quickly I needed to learn. Eventually I finished school at the University of New Mexico with a degree in accounting and wanted to pursue a career in that field. I would get my feet wet in public accounting in the oil fields of southeastern New Mexico. Those where some big and complicated tax returns I would get the opportunity to work on. Somehow I wasn't working in public accounting anymore and instead was working at Trading Post. Here I would get an education in ecommerce and social media. We went from having a very small onine presence to over 15,000 monthly users on our store website and 76,000 followers on Facebook. During this time I completed my CPA requirements and became a licensed Certified Public Accountant in New Mexico. Now, it is time to take those things I have learned from working in public accounting and running a business to help you take control of your business and finances.

Jason Arsenault CPA, LLC
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