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Yuliya Olaru

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Yuliya Olaru

Yuliya Olaru

Coming from an industrious family in Kazakhstan, Yuliya arrived in the United States with a dream to start her own accounting practice. She earned her bachelor’s degree in accounting while working as a banker to put herself through college. While she was earning her master’s degree in accounting, Yuliya spent several years operating her own business and simultaneously working at four different tax and accounting firms. Yuliya’s master’s degree has a concentration in certified public accounting, which means the coursework was rigorous in preparation for the CPA exam. Yuliya registered for the CPA exam, but soon learned she was pregnant with boy/girl twins. She has postponed the CPA exams to a later date and plans to take them once her twins are old enough to go to school. Yuliya is an enrolled agent (EA), a federally licensed tax practitioner, who has earned the privilege of representing taxpayers before the Internal Revenue Service. This designation is awarded by passing a three-part comprehensive IRS test that covers individual and business tax returns. Yuliya’s accounting business has steadily gained clients. She has a personable style that helps clients feel comfortable and gain confidence in her expertise. Although accounting and tax preparation are often viewed as grueling work, Yuliya loves the challenges of helping clients to get their finances and taxes in order. With a strong background in accounting and tax preparation, Yuliya Olaru provides expertise and friendly professional advice to individuals and business owners. Today, Yuliya runs her business from her home office but has employees and clients all across the United States, with whom she works online. To reflect this coast-to-coast operation, she changed the name of her company in 2021 from Olaru’s Premier Tax Services to Nationwide Virtual Accounting & Tax.

Nationwide Virtual Accounting & Tax
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