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Senate Considers Repeal of the SALT Deduction Cap

Congress is considering a repeal of the SALT deduction cap. Learn more...
Bob Mason, CPA Avatar
Bob Mason, CPA

Why Is the Tax Code So Intensely Complicated?

To the average person, the US tax code probably seems needlessly complex. How did we get here?
Jon Osborn, Enrolled Agent Avatar
Jon Osborn, Enrolled Agent

US Tax Law Changes: How Far We've Come and Where We're Headed

A brief overview of current tax proposals moving around Congress, and opinions from our experts. Learn more...
Lee Reams II Avatar
Lee Reams II

You Can Now See the Entire US Tax System in One (Ultra-Complex) Map

Thanks to the Taxpayer Advocate Service (TAS), the labyrinth of doing one's taxes in the USA is now mapped out for us in one handy chart. Learn more..
Lauren Detweiler Avatar
Lauren Detweiler

Have SALT Limits Affected Charitable Giving and Homeownership? Our Experts Weigh In

Have charitable giving & homeownership gone down with the introduction of SALT limits in the TCJA? Learn more...
Lee Reams II Avatar
Lee Reams II

2 out of 3 Americans Were Supposed to Get a Tax Cut. Were You One of Them?

Now that most people have filed their first return under this law, it is time for individual taxpayers to assess how the law affected them and begin planning for next year. Learn more.
Gordon McNamee, CPA Avatar
Gordon McNamee, CPA

How Have Business Taxes Changed in the Last Two Years?

What are some of the biggest ways business taxes have changed over the past two years? Lee Reams, BSME, EA discusses a few key areas to be aware of.
Lee Reams, BSME, EA Avatar
Lee Reams, BSME, EA

Tax Reform Brings Big Changes to Employees' Fringe Benefits

Tax reforms have had a direct impact on many employees' fringe benefits. Learn more...
Frank Jenkins Jr Avatar
Frank Jenkins Jr

A Look at the Rental Real Estate Enterprise Safe Harbor in Notice 2019-7

I have two questions: First, does Notice 2019-7 teach us to be careful what we ask for? Second, is the notice a hammer in search of a nail?
Philip P. Storrer, CPA Avatar
Philip P. Storrer, CPA
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