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Want to Be Your Own Boss? Here's What It Means for Your Taxes

Working at home during COVID-19 might've made you consider becoming your own boss. But beware...
Jon Osborn, Enrolled Agent Avatar
Jon Osborn, Enrolled Agent

Expert Q&A: What Our Small Business Data Shows, and How COVID-19 Affects Everything

Experts weigh in on the results of our SMB survey, and COVID-19 may have changed things.
Lee Reams II Avatar
Lee Reams II

Should You Be in Business for Yourself?

Guest blogger Eva Rosenberg, EA (TaxMama) discusses key differences between the responsibilities of an entrepreneur vs. employee.
Eva Rosenberg, EA Avatar
Eva Rosenberg, EA

Ask the Expert: Are We Witnessing the Death of Entrepreneurship in the United States?

Does a decline in the startup creation rate mean we're witnessing the death of entrepreneurship in the US? Our experts weigh in.
Lee Reams II Avatar
Lee Reams II

Ask the Expert: The Most Prominent Traits That All Successful Entrepreneurs Share

What are the traits that separate successful entrepreneurs from the rest? Our experts weigh in.
Lee Reams II Avatar
Lee Reams II

Experts Break Down the Biggest Obstacles Faced by Startups

What are the biggest things standing in the way of your startup's success? Our experts weigh in.
Lee Reams II Avatar
Lee Reams II

7 Best Accounting Practices for Your Small Business Startup

It requires more than a great idea and determination to build a successful business. Here are 7 best practices for your SMB startup accounting.
Frank Jenkins Jr Avatar
Frank Jenkins Jr

4 Start-Up Accounting Tips for the Young Entrepreneur

Thinking about starting your own business? Going back to the basics may be key to both starting this new adventure and to building a solid foundation.
Bob Mason, CPA Avatar
Bob Mason, CPA

How To Scale Your Business with the Help of a Virtual CFO

During any growth of a business, you may run into a wall where the guidance of a CFO may be needed; however, CFOs are often quite pricey. Luckily, virtual CFOs have recently emerged that could offer you almost the same benefits without the added in-house costs. Here are some details about the benefits of using a virtual CFO. 
Bob Mason, CPA Avatar
Bob Mason, CPA
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