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A Complete Guide to an IRS Offer In Compromise: Common Questions Answered

There are few things more alarming than discovering you owe a significant sum of money to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). For some people, getting out of tax debt can feel like an insurmountable challenge.
Spencer Wilson, EA Avatar
Spencer Wilson, EA

Business Owners Face Significant Legal Consequences for Payroll Tax Failures

A California business owner is facing a statutory maximum sentence of 33 years in federal prison in connection with a string of alleged payroll tax offenses. While Luis E. Perez is accused of significant wrongdoing, his case is a cautionary tale for anybody shrugging off misclassifying or underpaying payroll tax.
Frank Jenkins Jr Avatar
Frank Jenkins Jr

CA Woman Finds $36,000 In a Free Craigslist Chair, Leading to Tax Questions

Mid-60s widow, Vicky Umodu, recently relocated to Colton, California, a town in San Bernardino County, to be closer to her daughter and grandchildren. To furnish her new home, Umodu began scouring the internet for good deals.
Rebekah Barton Avatar
Rebekah Barton

Did You Receive an IRS Tax Lien Notice? Now What?

Receiving a Tax Lien from the Internal Revenue Service means one of two things: Either somebody at the agency made a really big mistake (it happens), or you received notice of a tax bill and didn’t submit payment. Either way, the issue needs to be addressed, or else the next step could be significantly worse
Jon Osborn, Enrolled Agent Avatar
Jon Osborn, Enrolled Agent

Are Increased Audits and IRS Enforcement on the Horizon?

When President Joseph R. Biden was sworn into office, he came with a long list of proposals and priorities that would significantly alter many aspects of American life. Among them was a long-held belief that the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) needed more funding in order to effectively enforce U.S. tax laws. Over the last several decades the agency became a convenient way to trim the budget, and as its budget was cut so too was the staff needed to pursue tax cheats. The passage of the infrastructure bill and the potential passage of the Build Back Better bill have substantially improved the chances that the agency will indeed be strengthened.
Jon Osborn, Enrolled Agent Avatar
Jon Osborn, Enrolled Agent

IRS Contracts With Three Private Collection Agencies For Overdue Tax Debts

In keeping with a law passed by Congress at the end of 2015, the Internal Revenue Service is required to use private debt collection companies to collect delinquent tax debts. In order to ensure that those with overdue tax debts are fully informed as to who they should expect to hear from, the agency has issued a press release announcing the names of those collection agencies with whom they have contracted. They are:
Gordon McNamee, CPA Avatar
Gordon McNamee, CPA

5 Things Business Owners Should Know About Audits

Is your business getting audited? Don't panic. Learn more...
Martinez & Shanken, PLLC Avatar
Martinez & Shanken, PLLC

A Math Error May Be Behind Your Tax Refund Delay

Many Americans are still waiting on their tax refunds, and for some, it could be the result of a "math error."
Spencer Wilson, EA Avatar
Spencer Wilson, EA

Beware: These IRS Tax Scams are Running Rampant

Heads up, taxpayers: Watch out for these scammers pretending to be the IRS. Learn more...
Bob Mason, CPA Avatar
Bob Mason, CPA
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