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Man Stopped While Driving With $1 Million In Cash Sentenced to Prison

Man Stopped While Driving With $1 Million In Cash Sentenced to Prison

An Orlando man who was stopped by police while driving with $1 million cash in his vehicle has been sentenced to prison on federal charges.

Jason Pagan-Reyes will serve six year and six months in prison for conspiracy to commit money laundering on the orders of Senior U.S. District Court Judge Susan C. Bucklew

The charges against Pagan-Reyes stem from a July 2020 incident in which the defendant's minivan was pulled over by a Florida state trooper. At the time, Pagan-Reyes was transporting just over $1 million in drug profits to a money laundering organization that intended to take the funds to the Dominican Republic. 

According to an official release from the IRS, a narcotics dog alerted the officer about suspicious contents in the vehicle. 

A subsequent search of Pagan-Reyes's phone proved that he had been in communication with others about drug trafficking and money laundering, which are both federal offenses. 

The IRS shared that this investigation was a joint venture among the DEA's Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Task Forces (OCDETF), the Internal Revenue Service Criminal Investigation division, Homeland Security Investigations, and the Florida Highway Patrol.

Pagan-Reyes is among several drug traffickers to face jail time following IRS investigations in recent months. 

In a notable case, Richard Orlinski "Sugar" Sanchez of Dexter, New Mexico was recently sentenced to 23 years in prison for a plethora of charges related to money laundering, and possessing and distributing methamphetamine.

In another investigation, Cumberland County, North Carolina resident Reshod Jamar Everett was sentenced to 40 years in the federal prison system for trafficking "large amounts of substances" out of an in-home daycare center. 

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