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Gov. Newsom Sides With CA Republicans, Opposes Raising Taxes on High Earners

Gov. Newsom Sides With CA Republicans, Opposes Raising Taxes on High Earners

Governor Gavin Newsom has spoken out against Proposition 30, a measure that would raise taxes on Californians earning over $2 million a year.

In a new ad [below] featuring the governor -- and only the governor -- Newsom warns California residents that he needs to "warn" them about the proposition, which he refers to as a "Trojan horse." 

Proposition 30, specifically, would increase taxes for high-earners in order to fund electric car incentives and infrastructure throughout the state, ostensibly to prepare for the ban on gasoline-powered vehicles that goes into effect in 2035. 

A new report from Cal Matters notes that the ongoing "battle over that measure may be the clearest recent example of how politics makes strange bedfellows."

On one side of the issue is ride-share giant, Lyft, the California Democratic Party, and labor groups that previously opposed Lyft's successful effort to exempt itself from a law making it more challenging to class employees as self-employed independent contractors.

On the other side, clearly, is Democratic Governor Newsom, along with the California Republican Party, and the Golden State's Chamber of Commerce. 

News network KCRA also weighed in on the situation, providing details about Prop 30:

According to supporters, 45% of the money would provide rebates and other incentives for zero-emission vehicle purchases, 35% for charging stations with more than half of those funds promised to be directed to lower-income communities, and 20% for wildfire prevention programs to help hire and train firefighters.

Opponents of Proposition 30 noted the governor has already helped appropriate more than $50 billion to reach the state's environmental goals since taking office in 2019. 

It is important to note that Proposition 30 would only tax income above $2 million. Specifically, the tax rate would be 1.75% for both individuals and married couples. 

Many environmental organizations are going against the governor and the state's Republicans, with Coalition For Clean Air director Bill Magavern sharing:

"We don’t think we’re doing enough to address air pollution and wildfires and climate change. And one of the best ways that we can address those problems is through Prop 30."

Proposition 30 will be on the ballot for California voters on November 8, 2022.

What is your take on Prop 30?

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