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Brett Favre Sues Shannon Sharpe, Pat McAfee Over $77 Million Fraud Allegations

Brett Favre Sues Shannon Sharpe, Pat McAfee Over $77 Million Fraud Allegations

Brett Favre, NFL Hall of Fame quarterback and Green Bay Packers legend, is currently embroiled in a welfare fraud case involving $77 million of allegedly misspent funds.

Two weeks ago, CNN reported that Favre's attorneys filed the latest of numerous motions asking a judge to dismiss the lawsuit filed by the State of Mississippi. Officials are seeking to recoup millions of dollars distributed as part of what has been termed "a statewide welfare fraud scheme".

The former NFL star and his legal team assert that, “It is apparent that MDHS (Mississippi Department of Human Services) has sued Favre, a Mississippi and national celebrity, to try to deflect responsibility for its own egregious wrongdoing in allowing tens of millions of dollars of its public funds to be misspent – funds for which MDHS itself admits it was ‘exclusively responsible."

Not everyone agrees that Favre is innocent, however. Former Indianapolis Colts punter Pat McAfee and iconic Denver Broncos wideout Shannon Sharpe were recently sued by Favre for defamation.

The duo, both of whom have gone on to have successful careers as media personalities, allegedly made defamatory allegations against Favre. 

Per NBC's Pro Football Talk, McAfee reportedly accused the ex-QB of "stealing from the poor people of Mississippi."

McAfee himself confirmed that he's been officially served by Favre.

True to form, McAfee found humor in the situation. On a recent episode of The Pat McAfee Show, he shared that he was served at his residence the morning after he and his wife returned to Indianapolis following a Hawaiian vacation. 

McAfee said the woman who presented him with the legal documents quipped, “’'I am so sorry. I am a fan of the show. I just work for a company that was hired. These are for you.’"

In addition to suing McAfee and Sharpe, Favre's civil suit names Mississippi state auditor Shad White, according to a report from ESPN.

What do you think about this ongoing situation?

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