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Your Tax Preparer Didn't Sign Your Return? You Should Be Concerned!

Your Tax Preparer Didn't Sign Your Return? You Should Be Concerned!

All paid tax preparers are required to register with the IRS each year and renew their Preparer Tax Identification Number (PTIN). They are also required to include the PTIN on any returns they prepare and sign the return. The PTIN allows the IRS to match up incorrectly prepared and falsified returns with those who prepaid them.

So if your return says "self prepared" and your preparer didn't include his or her PTIN and didn't sign the return, you have every reason to be concerned.

Why do you think your preparer didn't use his or her PTIN or sign the return? Well, we know for sure he or she has something to hide. That is why we allow taxpayers to rate tax preparers on so you can see the ones who are working in the shadows. A preparer might not use his or her PTIN or sign a return because he or she:

  • Has already been sanctioned by the IRS and is not allowed to prepare tax returns, so he or she has gone underground.
  • Is stealing part of your refund by telling you how much you will receive and then altering your return after you leave before e-filing it to produce a larger refund and have an extra refund amount deposited in his or her account.
  • Is fabricating deductions to make him- or herself look better and justify higher tax preparation fees.

The list goes on, but remember who is responsible for any errors or falsifications on your return: YOU! In most cases, a shady preparer won't return your phone calls once he or she finds out the IRS is questioning the validity of your return.

Don't a victim! You can file a complaint with the IRS using IRS Form 14157. You are also encouraged to go to TaxBuzz and write a review on the preparer's listing.

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William Ray

William Ray

William Ray is a specialist in IRS tax resolution problems. His firm, NationStar Tax Advisors, LLC is based in Orlando, FL, but services clients throughout the U.S. NationStar specializes in Wage Garnishment,Bank Levy, IRS Audit Notification, Payroll Tax Relief, and State Tax Problems.

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