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New App Helps Athletes, Entertainers and Traveling Workers Minimize Their State Taxes

New App Helps Athletes, Entertainers and Traveling Workers Minimize Their State Taxes

While traveling for work might sound glamorous, it can be a nightmare when it comes to tax time.

Until now.

The TaxDay App uses GPS to track a taxpayers travel from state to state. It also allows taxpayers to collect digital receipts and other documentation right on their phone. This makes complying with state audits or residency issues a breeze. Or at least we can hope.

States can be very aggressive in the collection of state income taxes. California collected $216 billion dollars in taxes from professional athletes that visited the golden state in 2012. These ‘jock” taxes are imposed on out-of-state athletes when they play in California. High profile athletes and entertainers are easy targets of tax compliance officers. Highly compensated athletes from the NFL, NBA, NHL and MLB should take notice.

The TaxDay App helps accountants by providing comprehensive reports of all the activity of the taxpayer. The time that was spent in the city is tracked by the GPS movement of the mobile device. The TaxDay App is smart enough to warn the user if they are spending too much time in a tax jurisdiction that might flag a residency threshold.

Per the TaxDay App website, the first 90-days are free, with a $9.99 month subscription thereafter. The Tax Day App was created by Jonathan Mariner, a Major League Baseball executive who lived in Florida but worked in New York. The TaxDay App is currently available on the Apple app store with an Android version coming soon.

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