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How to report bad tax preparer behavior to the IRS - Form 14157

Lee Reams II
How to report bad tax preparer behavior to the IRS - Form 14157

At TaxBuzz, we pride ourselves in spotlighting the best of the best in the industry. Many TaxBuzz professionals go through a thorough background screening and receive the TaxBuzz Verified Badge.

In addition, look for profiles of professionals with verified client reviews to help you feel confident you are making a wise choice. Unfortunately, not every tax professional abides by the same high standards. 

The two biggest tax preparation scams are:

1) Tax professionals who charge a percentage of your tax refund 

2) A tax professional who deposits your refund in their own checking account

Both of these practices are not allowed and are huge red flags to the taxpayer. 

If you have been a victim of identity theft, fraud, preparer misconduct or other unsavory behavior, you can report the tax professional to the IRS using form 14157. The form requests details of the complaint so the IRS enforcement can follow up.

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Lee Reams II

Lee Reams II


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