Growing Your Business

Growing Your Business? 7 Steps to Success

Growing Your Business? 7 Steps to Success

As a business owner, there are a number of challenges you will face. Knowing how to navigate those challenges and adapt when you need to can make a tremendous difference in the longevity of your organization. There are a few things you should know as you make strategic moves to put yourself in the right position for growth. Being successful is not just a way to celebrate your achievements and highlight how well your company is doing, it's an opportunity to implement simple strategies that work to make the right impact: 

1) Stay in your lane

It's understandable when first starting out, you have to do everything. Although this may be the case, you may not do everything well. Know your limitations and seek help when you need it.

2) Keep your eyes on the end goal

There are bumps and bruises that will occur. That's the nature of the business. Stay true to your goals and objectives, and utilize a strategic approach to helping the company grow and move forward.

3) Keep the emotions out of it

Keep your emotions in check as you operate and grow. You want to find the right employees that will understand the vision and run with it. Make sure you project that you care about your employees and they will be loyal to you.

4) Be mindful

You should have a business mind that is prepared to nurture the company and take it to the next level. Just because you have experience in a certain area, that does not mean you are qualified to perform those types of duties. Stick with your skill set and get the help you need, especially when dealing with operations management or accounting.

5) Be passionate

Let your passion show in everything you do. Your dedication and enthusiasm will be invaluable in motivating employees, and creating a culture where hard work and completing tasks is the norm.

6) Keep improving

You may have implemented some of these steps and have seen a positive result. That's fine, but you can never become complacent. Technology and processes are consistently growing, and you must work to stay relevant within the industry. You must be your own advocate and keep challenging yourself and your employees to do better.

7) Change your perception

Perception is reality in a number of cases, but step away from that mentality. You must have savvy marketing in place that will attract and retain customers. Understanding how marketing works to help the company grow is crucial. Your marketing strategies must be in line with your services and products, centered on the end user.

These tips will help you position the company for growth but it does not happen overnight. Being successful is hard work and takes a large amount of dedication and smart business moves to make things happen. With the right strategy, goals and objectives, and people in place, you are ahead of the curve and may avoid some of the common disappointments that occur when running a successful business in ever-changing industries.

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Tom Gargiulo, E.A.

Tom Gargiulo, E.A.

Tom Gargiulo, E.A. is a tand Quickbooks accounting professional based in St. Petersburg, Florida. Tom is a Member of the National Society of Tax Professionals and has been Enrolled to Practice before I.R.S. since 1986. Specializing in Quickbooks Accounting, Consulting and Training, he has many QuickBooks certifications. National Tax, Accounting & Financial is a family business started over 25 years ago. If you could summarize our firm in one word, it would be "personalization". Our firm gets to know our clients as people and uses our personalized service to best meet their needs in all facets of our business. This translates into savings for our clients. We bring unique solutions to complex problems by applying years of experience and the latest technologies. We can assist you with your tax preparation and accounting needs.

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