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Accounting Terms: Price Earnings Ratio

Accounting Terms: Price Earnings Ratio

The accounting term "price earnings ratio" refers to a calculation of the market value of a share of common stock divided by the stock's earnings per share. A sample price earnings ratio would be a stock that costs $32 per share and which earns $4 per share - the calculation would yield 8.

For more information about this term or any other accounting terminology, feel free to contact Fredericksburg Accounting pro Musheerah "Shalom" Kolen.

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Musheerah "Shalom" Kolen

Musheerah "Shalom" Kolen

Located in Fredericksberg VA, Musheerah "Shalom" Kolen is the owner of Kolen Services. She is a specialist in many services that include tax accounting and is a certified Quickbooks ProAdvisor. With her extensive background as military veteran she is very knowledgable in government regulations and various business concepts. With years of experience and knowledge of the tax and accounting industry she can help you get the information and outcome you deserve. Musheerah enjoys educating her clients with tips and tricks that can help save you lots of money. Read this weeks article and stay turned for next weeks.

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