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How to Apply for a Reverse Mortgage: A Complete Guide

If you're considering applying for a reverse mortgage, you might be confused about the process. Find answers in this complete guide.
David Gittelson Avatar
David Gittelson

Navigating Tax Rules in San Jose, California: Tips for Individuals and Small Business Owners

If you live or own a business in San Jose, California, there are numerous tax regulations you need to follow. Learn more about these tax rules in this helpful guide.
Bob Mason Avatar
Bob Mason

The Advantages of a Flat Fee Tax and Accounting Firm

In this guide, discover the benefits of working with a tax and accounting firm that has a flat-fee structure. This could change how your small business operates.
Earl B.  Shanken Avatar
Earl B. Shanken

Maximize Your Tax Benefits: Essential Tips for Public Charities

The charity and non-profit sector has unique tax rules that can be difficult to understand. You need this essential tax guide if you work in this field!
Frank Jenkins Jr Avatar
Frank Jenkins Jr

Maximizing Retirement Income: Understanding the Relationship Between Reverse Mortgages and Social Security Benefits

Considering a reverse mortgage? This helpful guide explores the relationship between this financial product and your Social Security benefits.
David Gittelson Avatar
David Gittelson

Boost Your Small Business: Exploring Tax Incentives For Small Business Owners In Florida

Ready to take your Florida small business to the next level? This helpful guide explores tax incentives for small business owners throughout the Sunshine State.
Sonu  Shukla Avatar
Sonu Shukla

Reverse Mortgages vs. Home Equity Loans: A Complete Guide

What are the differences between reverse mortgages and home equity loans? Get all the answers you need here.
David Gittelson Avatar
David Gittelson

Answers to the Top 5 CA State Tax Questions

Get answers to the top five California state tax questions. Make sure you’re filing your taxes properly and aren’t making common mistakes.
Jon Osborn Avatar
Jon Osborn

Understanding Reverse Mortgages

A complete guide to understanding reverse mortgages, including the pros and cons of this financial product. Full details here.
David Gittelson Avatar
David Gittelson
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