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Houston Tax Professional Aldo Molina

Aldo Molina is a tax preparer with over 10 years of experience based in West Houston/Katy, Texas. Aldo Molina can assist you with your tax return preparation, amendments, and planning needs.
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17 reviews
5.0 01/12/2024
WOW!!! Nothing bad to say but only great thingsss, me as a person of color no bad things said and no different treatment. Like he put that fist up and it me different because Martin Luther King the 2 holiday is coming up and i never felt so appreciated. Not at that nail place they said my toes was crusty and was not treated right but he DID what was right.
5.0 01/12/2024
Not only a great business teacher but a great taxe man. He was like the father i never had and Im 40 years old, he made me feel like i was playing baseball on that field. So thank you for not just the taxes but being that dad. So come to him if you need them taxes done.
4.8 01/12/2024
im a teen mom and my parents kicked me out. i dont know how to do txaes and alto has really helpedšŸ™Œhe saved my life. Let him save yours!
5.0 01/12/2024
ive been a little depressed and not only did he help do my taxes he cured my depressionā¤
5.0 01/12/2024
Honestly one of the greatest people i have ever met so far, not only has he helped me so much with my taxes, but he as also been a teacher towards me even though i am a 76 Year old man, great guy
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