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Franklin HUMPHRES & ASSOCIATES, PC, Certified Public Accountants and Business Managers

HUMPHRES & ASSOCIATES, PC is a Certified Public Accountant and Business Manager based business in Franklin, TN. HUMPHRES & ASSOCIATES, PC can assist you with your accounting automation, tax return preparation and planning needs.
15 reviews
4.8 06/03/2024
Pam Harper has helped me tremendously over the years and I can’t express enough how much that means. She always gets back to me in a timely manner regarding any concerns or questions I have. For that I will always be very grateful.
5.0 02/23/2024
I have been a client with Humphres and Associates for nearly 30 years. They have not only handled all of our business tax needs, but our personal tax needs as well. Their professional services extend far beyond taxes including consulting and business software expertise. I would highly recommend their services to any individual or business regardless of size. You have my handshake on it.
5.0 11/01/2023
Pleasant experience. Thank you
5.0 08/01/2022
What a pleasure it is to work with Pam Harper and Harriet Smith. So professional and helpful! Thanks for all the great help. Sam and Ann Buchanan.
1.0 02/07/2022
I am writing this review to help any business that Humphres is currently taking serious advantage of and may negatively impact now or in the future. They violated the Due Care principle and misallocated 401K funds. Humphres was an absolute nightmare to work with and our company experienced persistent problems. They are unprofessional, unethical, slow, failed to perform duties poor communicators, and stole from our company 401k.If you are a current customer, I urge you to perform an independent review of your business finances and employee retirement funds.Humphres grossly mishandled our company 401k by failing to deposit employee elective deferrals and depositing up to 4 months after payroll date when our plan specifically stated within 7 days . After consulting with legal counsel and outside CPA expertise we learned that this is indisputably theft and a felony. When Humphres was approached about this, instead of taking accountability they gave a run-around answer that they were waiting for funds which were already withheld from the paychecks. We sought outside counsel and CPA expertise who analyzed our records and concluded that Humphres was most likely stealing and that their handling of our account was both inaccurate and illegal.Humphres attempted a takeover of our company business likely taking advantage of our parent company being foreign through adding their own staff accountants name onto our company business license as the principal naming themselves as both the agent AND employer with the payroll vendor, having sole access to our company bank account and took over 3 months for them to allow the bank to grant our company controller access.They are also in violation of records. Humphres cut off access to the portal for us to obtain our W2s and other employee records.Our other issues included: failure to pay invoices on time, lack of accountability, poor communication it often took half a dozen emails over the course of several weeks or more to receive a response plus failure to return phone calls, ignored communications and failed to provide corporate records and documents in a timely manner with our attorney, paid themselves from our company bank account and raised their fees without company approval, errors on 23 of our employees W2s, failure to appropriately consult and provide best business advice also known as failure for their duty of care.
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