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Emily Murray

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Shreveport Tax Professional Emily Murray

Emily Murray is a tax preparer based in Shreveport, Louisiana. Emily Murray can assist you with your tax return preparation and planning needs.
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3 reviews
5.0 06/13/2023
Hey, Queen! Girl, you have done it again, constantly raising the tax bar for us all and doing it flawlessly. I’d say I’m surprised but I know who you are. I’ve seen it up close and personal. Girl, you make me so proud on my tax returns, and I love you! She saved me thousands!
5.0 06/13/2023
Emily Murray is seriously my favorite tax professional. I met her on the side of the road and she had a sign saying she would “save you millions”. I was a bit hesitant but very desperate. With all of this being said, SHE IS THE REAL DEAL! Don’t ever judge a book by its cover because she knows what she’s doing. 10/10 recommend.
5.0 06/13/2023
She saved me so much money on my taxes! She’s a literal accounting wizard!!! She’s gotta be a tax savant or something because she saw things no one else saw!! She never looked me in the eye when we talked but I’m sure that’s gotta come with the dedication to her craft. Anywho y’all need to come get you one of these (an Emily Murray).
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