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We are a tax office that friends recommend to friends. We offer payroll service, incorporations, bookkeeping, tax prep and more.....
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72 reviews
5.0 01/14/2021
I am not really writing a review its more of sending prayers to this business. I have been a client of Professional Accounting for a few years and Ms Cotton have been dealing with the government trying to shut her down this is very troubling and wrong as I read some of the accusations and I WILL SAY that the staff in this office are very diligent in their work. Very honest and trustworthy business. Government needs to go after the real fraudsters and leave this Christian place alone. God have your way and a multitude of prayers for Ms Cotton and her business.
5.0 10/15/2020
I am a person who believe in client reviews before buying, trying, or dealing with a business or product. I was a little hesitant at first to come to this business 4 years ago. But I must say it was the best choice I have ever made. This past year was very heartbreaking only to find out that my preparer was limited to the amount of clients she is legally allowed to have. How in the world can you set limits on clients. The government have tried to shut her down and I believe its because of her knowledge and expertise in helping clients like me finding a resolution with my taxes. Govt claimed I owed over 23k and after they corrected my returns that another company prepared I ended up owing just over 5k. Keep up the great work. Praying that the govt leave you alone. Many Blessings to this company.
1.0 10/14/2020
Don't even bother coming using their services. I understand why the Justice Department was shutting them down. https:www.justice.govopaprjustice-department-asks-federal-court-shut-down-southern-florida-tax-return-preparer-and If your are interested in having your papers in order go somewhere else.
4.8 03/12/2019
I have been a client of Professional Accounting for 3 years. I tried to book an appt for this year only to find out they are not taking appts due to an issue with the government. I am very sad to hear this. After coming here and helping me resolve my tax issues from prior fraudsters out there I have to resort back looking for someone else. This office is very knowledgeable and a feeling of easiness. When I first met Ms Cotton I was overwhelmed by her knowledge and professionalism. She gave me the dos and donts she even told me what I should be doing to save money when filing my taxes. I didnt get a big refund but at least I know it was what i legally deserved. I pray that you start appts again soon. Keep up the excellent work.
0.2 02/02/2019
I have been using professional accounting for the past six years. The staffs at the desk have 0 customer service skills. They are inefficient, rude and abrupt. They will give you an appointment for 1 pm, and 5 pm you will still be sitting there with no explanation. If you have a question there is no one to address it. For the last two years, I have no idea who prepared my returns. I have not seen Lena or had a chance to speak with her. If you called the office to speak with Lena she was never available, and if you leave a message the next tax season comes around without you issues been address. Lena should get customer service training for her staffs, and make herself available to her clients. Don't take it for granted that we have to come here. People will always go where there are great customer service and professionalism. Don't give the customer an appointment if you know you are not going by appointments,that's misleading.I really don't have time to waste.
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