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Jacksonville Tax Professional Sean Simonic

Sean Simonic is a tax preparer based in Jacksonville, FL. Sean Simonic can assist you with your tax return preparation and planning needs.
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2 reviews
4.8 08/18/2016
Great company w the friendliest most helpful and knowledgable employees. I had several fairly large issues to work thru and the accountant I worked w,John, was such a great help to me and Simonic as a company allowed me to be able to stress less over my monthly and even daily accounting issues. They show they care about their clients and not just what they can squeeze from them, like other accounting firms I've dealt with. Sean Simonic and his employees go above and beyond , far exceeded expectations.. A+++++++.
2.0 05/13/2015
Highly disappointed... - Charged more than 3 times what our prior accountant charged...We'll be going back to her next year - Charged about 50% more than the initial estimate - Made several mistakes / omissions - Wanted to charge me twice for additional services that I would have thought would have been included (e.g., IRS reduced tax return amount due to a calculation error and she wanted to charge an additional $250 to get in touch with the IRS if it wasn't their error). - Had to explain things numerous times as she seemed unable to understand our situation and still there were several mistakes - Attorney or receptionist not friendly / pleasant Overall, a very dissatisfying experience.
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