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New Castle Tax Professional Sheronda Ervin

Sheronda Ervin is a tax expert based in New Castle, Delaware. Sheronda Ervin can assist you with your tax debt problems and return preparation needs.
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Taxcellent Financial Services LLC Reviews
17 reviews
1.6 12/02/2022
While I never write reviews I will say that I did not have the same experience as the other 5 star reviews. Maybe it's a different feeling when you are an actual client but I would beg to differ that as well. I am not a client with this company as the customer service, professionalism and communication for the onboarding phase was well below par. The first encounter I had was a newsletter sent out with a title of The circus has left town. At first glance, you would have thought that this is a cleaver and cute way to get your attention. However, when you read it, the business owner is basically berating the clients. Here is an excerpt: Going back and forth numerous times over and over asking for documentation requires extra time and effort. Some of you I spent more time trying to get your documents, than the time that it actually took to complete the returns. If you are a business owner, we need your business information... ALL OF IT. Income, expenses, due diligence questionnaire, auto expenses, home office information... For those people who made wild assumptions about their tax situation and didn't understand why they went from receiving thousands in refunds to now owing thousands of dollars, what have you done differently this year so that you don't owe again? Many of you did nothing.Many taxpayer's inability to get their documentation organized and submitted timely, created a huge delay in tax professionals being able to provide the level of quality service that they would like to spend time doing with quality clients. Many of you were disorganized, didn't follow instructions, submitted your information late, but were the first ones to ask how long is this going to take? I even had two people who called me on October 17 after we waited 6 weeks for them to provide us with one document that we needed. I personally do not find this to be good practice or a kind way to speak to your customers or future customers which I was in the beginning phase upon getting this email. This email was strike one for me as the tone was very distasteful. I have now learned that this is the tone of this company. For the primary consultation I had to upload documentation in order for the business to have access to my tax information. I am a single taxpayer not a business. The instructions given for this task were not clear initially requires a wet signature, after getting the clear instructions and following them done 7 business days prior to mtg date it still was not enough. The fact that the information was not enough was told to me in the courtesy meeting that would have been the first step to becoming a client. The courtesy meeting did not have clear communication of how it would be conducted. I didn't receive any email updates or secure messages in their portal or a phone call. I ended up calling the office to try and have this call that had already been rescheduled 2x. During the meeting I was told basically how I did things wrong and that because of this I probably would not be able to be a client. The office is paperless and the way I upload to their portal doesn't suffice When I asked follow-up questions for clarity of how to make things work find a full tax return that is not what my tax prepare software provides to me or uploading a faxable wet signature, the responses given were with a hostile tone and in a demeaning manner like I did not have knowledge of how the tax world works. News flash, I am new to tax preparation by other parties have always performed myself as I do not have a complicated portfolio and it would be a learning curve but to speak to me as if I am beneath you is unacceptable. In essence, the feel was that this business is overwhelmed and doesn't have the capacity or desire for new customers and if that is truly the case, simply say that respectfully and not give excuses or accuse a customer of lacking abilities. I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS BUSINESS unless you are desperate but you have a true snapsnot of what it will be like. Tread carefully.
5.0 06/03/2021
I'll keep it short and sweet. She does an amazing job. She knows her stuff and will not stop until she has all of the answers she needs to accurately process your taxes. Don't even bother going to one of those chain tax preparers or try to do it yourself. Stress Less. You will not be disappointed.
5.0 04/29/2021
Taxcellent is nothing short of a professional company. They know the tax laws and are fully aware of any changes on a daily basis. They are here to help around the clock. They understand the IRS and are not afraid to challenge them. Ive been using Taxcellent for more than 10 years and I wouldnt trust anyone else!
5.0 03/17/2021
I wouldnt trust anyone else! Ive been using these services for years!
5.0 03/16/2021
Sheronda is an experienced and committed tax professional. She always quickly responds to any questions. I have been very satisfied using her services.
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