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Denver Tax Professional Melanie McCurdy

McMeekin & Associates is a family owned and operated tax firm that has been serving the community for over 40 years. Originally founded by Richard McMeekin, the firm is now run by his daughter, Melanie.
Over the years, she has gained the respect and trust of numerous clients and has earned a reputation for providing a high level of service with a personal touch.
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McMeekin & Associates Reviews
5 reviews
1.0 09/14/2023
We decided to go with Melanie for tax preparation this last year. We filed and everything was fine. Later we got a letter from the Colorado Department of Revenue issuing a Notice of Deficiency. Melanie said that she would work on a reply but never followed through. We now received a secondary notification and still do not know how to rectify the situation. Melanie does not respond to phone calls or emails at all. I would not recommend this company for your tax preparation.
5.0 06/26/2022
Have to say that Melanie McCurdy, Meekin & Associates, has been and continues to be great to work with. She is responsive, attentive to detail and turnaround is excellent! Not only does she do a tremendous job in the tax prep and planning arena, but has been a valuable resource and go-to person for advice for my small business as well as my personal tax needs You want similar service ... give Melanie a call!
5.0 02/17/2020
Melanie is amazing. She is patient, follows up, and has a clear understanding that she helps break down for the likes of the rest of us. She has helped me year to year also understand small changes I can make to help with the following year. She is also just a wonderful person to work with. 100 recommend.
5.0 03/14/2018
I have used Mcmeekin and associates for 40 years. Simply the best! Great people.
5.0 05/10/2016
I have been using MCMeekin and Associates for about twenty five years plus, I started with Richard, his daughter Melanie was involved with as long as I can remember. They have done a wonderful job and have always been on top of all the new taxes laws and continuing education. Richard passed away a few years ago, Melanie took over the family business and has more than met all my families expectations, I have no reason to look elsewhere, MCMeekin will continue to do our taxes for years to come! Thanks
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