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Lousiville Tax Professional Damian Hall

Damian Hall is a tax preparer based in Lousiville, Colorado. Damian Hall can assist you with your tax return preparation and planning needs.
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4 reviews
5.0 11/20/2016
Damian has been doing my accounting, taxes and payroll for my small drywall company for 2 years now. Hiring him was one of the best decisions I have made. I am happy with the service he has provided and the fair price he has charged. Damian has a great passion for what he does and he is a perfectionist as am I, I am hoping to have him in my corner for years to come. Magic Touch Drywall
5.0 11/20/2016
I have had Damian do my taxes for the last few years and I have always had great results. Taxes are a stressful annual thing for me and I always have had trouble in the past with filing an getting through all the schedules and proper deductions. After Damian completed my 2013 return which I filed late, I was customer for good. Damian went through every schedule with me and told me exactly what he was doing and why, I filed my taxes and received a small refund, when I was originally planning on having a huge bill because based off of information that someone at one of the shops gave me (Never again H & Rip - off!). I will pay the extra $100 to have the piece of mind that my taxes were done by a professional and not some hack hired for a few months. Thanks again Big D!
4.6 11/20/2016
Damian did our personal and company taxes in 2014 and 2015, he was great to work with. He worked extremely hard on making sure we were paying the proper taxes and getting the proper deductions. He has extensive knowledge in business and business taxes, he was the first accountant to ever actually ask us questions about our business and operations. Once we spoke and told him how we did things, not only did he maximize our deductions through Section 179 he also helped us understand the deduction better which has allowed us to plan better and get prepared of each tax year. We are grateful for the service that Damian has given us and look forward to dealing with him for all of business and accounting needs now and in the future. Cheers!
5.0 11/20/2016
Damian and APH were great. I had a huge tax issue lingering over my head for years and Damian took the bull by the horns and helped me get it resolved. I was stressed and depressed when I came to Damian, from the minute I told him everything I could see that my problems had become his. He gave me personal attention, answering my calls, texts and emails all the time and in the end I am tax debt free and back on track. Damian and APH definitely under promised and over delivered. I can't say enough about Damian except that he is my accountant and will be from here on out. Thanks Damian Hall and APH! R.T.
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