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BTI Professional Services, Inc.

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Tustin Enrolled Agent Marilyn K Ratliff, EA

BTI Professional Services, Inc. is an Enrolled Agent tax practice based in Tustin, California. BTI Professional Services, Inc. can assist you with your tax return preparation and planning needs.
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BTI Professional Services, Inc. Reviews
13 reviews
2.2 06/04/2018
Marilyn K Ratliff, EA was not informed on who I was allowed to claim as a dependant therefore, my taxes were done incorrectly for several years. When I finally 'pushed' her on the matter, she produced an IRS Quickfinder answer book, turned to the page regarding dependants, then asked me to carefully read the information presented in the Quickfinder. After reading following the If this..., then that... statements, I informed Marilyn that, from what I had just read, the Quickfinder supported my belief that I should be able to claim a specific dependant on my taxes. Marilyn became noticeably annoyed, telling me I was wrong, quickly getting onto the internet going to the IRS website to prove me wrong. After about 20 minutes, she apparently found what she thought she was looking for which was an example written by the IRS which pertained specifically to my situation. Here, listen to this. Marilyn declared smuggly preceded to read the example aloud, start to finish. As she read on, she began to understand that the example supported my belief that I had been right all along. Knowing that she so earnestly wanted to prove me wrong but was unsuccessful at doing so, she became clearly embarrassed, annoyed irritated as well. After everything that had transpired that day in her office, Marilyn could notwould not admit her mistake, move on with her new knowledge. She maintained her 'bad' attitude I was not even offered the smallest of appology from her.
5.0 07/05/2017
We got to Marilyn via another accountant who had done my taxes for years and years. He retired to live abroad. He recommended all his clients to Marilyn. The transition was smooth and without any issues. Marilyn and her office staff have been extremely kind and helpful. We are very pleased with their services on all levels: trustworthiness, knowledge, and responsiveness. I feel very lucky to have her on my side.
5.0 03/08/2016
We've been working with her for 15 yrs at least. She's great and flexible with our schedule. Try her
5.0 03/06/2016
I have been a client of Marilyn's BTI services for 20 years now and knowledgeable on other professional services that BTI's office can offer. Very professional; always updating herself on last minute government tax laws to bring you the very kind of service in your best interest. Her services are communicative, convenient, newsletters are educational and services continue to keep you informed. Personally speaking, I wouldn't have it any other way.
5.0 03/04/2016
I've been using Marilyn at BTI to prepare my complex tax returns, involving many transactions with rental properties, for nearly 20 years. She never fails to provide outstanding service. She has incredible knowledge of state and federal taxes. I couldn't be happier with the services she provides as an Enrolled Agent.
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