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Jackson Certified Public Accountant John Paul Stockwell

Watkins Ward & Stafford is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) practice based in Jackson, MS. Watkins Ward & Stafford can assist you with your tax preparation, planning, bookkeeping, and accounting needs.
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1 reviews
5.0 12/10/2015
John Paul Stockwell CPA... As many of you know, I Retired from public accounting May 2015. please note below:: As many of you know, I Sold my CPA Sole owned Accounting Practice to Watkins, Ward and Stafford CPA's three years ago last January 1st. I then Worked for WW&S until May 2015 when I then Resigned from the firm. I Have a two (2) year non compete to not practice any Public Accounting work in the Jackson MS area until two years after retiring from the firm which was on May 2015. Therefore, May 2017 the time has run and I will have met the two (2) years, and then I will be able to resume the practice of public accounting as a Sole owner CPA practice for myself in Jackson as per the terms of my sale contract. Thanks again for your inquiries and we will revisit this matter at a later time. If factors are then favorable to return to public accounting we would be very interested. Several inquiries have already been made as to when I may return to public accounting in Jackson. I will honor my sale contract. My position is to comply to the contract on the sale of my CPA firm to the letter of the sale contract. No exceptions. TWO years will pass quickly. 7 of the 24 months have already passed by so quickly! Time will tell. I thank each of you for the inquiry. We all know how fast time does go by and all things look great! Thank you all! Sincerely, J Paul Stockwell CPA 12.10.15 P.S. Happy New Year to all of You!
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