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Saugus Certified Public Accountant William Burton

William Burton & Co Inc is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) practice based in Saugus, MA. William Burton & Co Inc can assist you with your tax preparation, planning, bookkeeping, and accounting needs.
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William Burton & Co Inc Reviews
7 reviews
1.0 03/14/2024
Have worked with his office in the past with no issues, never sat with him directly always with an assistant in person. Went to do my taxes this year, explaining there where differences than years prior. They completely screwed them up, didn't call to clarify, even screwing up our names... An accountant who can't even get their clients name correctly? When I brought this up they proceeded to drop me as a client with no explanation. When approached to ask for an understanding it was met with "your spouse left a bad taste in my mouth". Completely unprofessional.
1.2 04/18/2023
Maybe Bill was good years ago, but he's lost his mind. Check out yelp, others have had a similar experience recently. He charged $150 for a return for my 19 year old son that's a dependent and a full time student. He doesn't need to file, I never asked for it. I asked the charge be reversed. They reversed charges but cancelled me as a client and would not let me pay for my taxes for 2023, deleted by account and left me without a return to fule This is Bills the response to my email. Completely unprofessional, violates SOA ethics standards. From: Bill Burton <[email protected]> To: Jeff Thompson Kristen Lord Cc: Rudi Cudmore Thu, Apr 13 at 11:26 AM Good riddance ! From: Jeff Thompson <[email protected]> Sent: Thursday, April 13, 2023 9:46 AM To: Kristen Lord <[email protected]> Cc: Bill Burton <[email protected]> Subject: Re: Invoice 52139 from William Burton & Company, Inc. Kristen and Bill. Thank you for your high level of professional and honest service and for reversing all charges. Best of luck in your future endeavors Jeff My advice - cancel this guy before he flips out and cancels you and leaves you hanging and takes your confidential information. He's unstable and can no longer be trusted based on my experience.
4.8 11/23/2020
Professional service with years of knowledge
4.8 11/23/2020
Professional service with years of knowledge
5.0 07/01/2020
This is an incredibly well run organization. Bill Burton and Andrea Doren have been responsible for my personal and business accounting for many years, and they have never been less than perfect.
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