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Roseville Certified Public Accountant Melanie Hirsch

Melanie Hirsch is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) practice based in Roseville, California. Melanie Hirsch can assist you with your tax preparation, planning, bookkeeping, and accounting needs.
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Hirsch CPA Tax Consultants Reviews
6 reviews
5.0 02/27/2024
We got Melanie's number from a friend of ours. She really helped us out and this is my way of saying thanks She is very nice and really knows taxes.
5.0 04/20/2023
I've used Melanie's firm the last few years to do my tax returns, and have been very pleased with her services. She's a very personable person, not to mention the friendliness of her staff! You can tell Melanie really cares about her clients and is very knowledgeable, so I felt at ease with her doing my tax return. I don't normally give reviews, but because of my extremely positive experience with Melanie and her firm, I definitely would recommend her to anyone look for a tax preparation!
5.0 11/03/2022
Melanie was great! So glad we switched over to her. It was nice to be able to connect remotely.
5.0 01/08/2021
My wife and I were a couple years behind on taxes so our friend recommended us to Melanie. I do not understand the negative reviews here as they are 4 to 5 stars on other sites. she had our 18 and 19 returns done within a matter of a week and we surprisingly even got a nice refund! Thank You Melanie
1.0 02/21/2019
This lady has the worst customer service ever. I would not recommend her to anyone. Ed Cook on the other hand knows has to treat people but unfortunately he has moved to Texas. I has going to try her out since Ed lives in another state but after reading the last review and the way she just treated me when I took time out of my day to have her try and do my taxes. I had to walk out because of the way she talked to me.

Hirsch CPA Tax Consultants Hirsch CPA Tax Consultants


I apologize for how you feel. I have left you several messages and I offered to do your tax return at no charge. Mr. Cook gave you an extremely low rate . When we met, the first question you had was if I could do it at the rate that he charged. When you told me how little he charged I was so surprised that I refused to do your return. You got upset and told me that you could get it done for that low rate anywhere. When I still refused you left angry and I feel bad about that. After thinking it over and discussing it with Mr. Cook, I decided to offer you the free tax return preparation.

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