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Sample Questions

  • I'm working as a 1099 contractor, and I want to make I'm setting aside the right amount for taxes. I make $100,000 a year. Can you tell me what percentage of my earnings I should hold out for tax purposes? Are there any deductions or credits I should consider to minimize my tax liability?

  • I'm interested in learning about the federal home office deduction. Can you explain how it works and the requirements for claiming it? Are there specific expenses that qualify for this deduction, and how could it impact my overall tax situation?

  • I am a California resident. Can you tell me the state’s highest income tax bracket for tax year 2023?

  • During a family vacation in 2023, I had to work remotely from our hotel. Can I legally deduct expenses related to my hotel stay? If so, what are the IRS criteria for claiming these deductions?

  • I'm planning ahead for the 2024 tax year and want to understand the Child Tax Credit (CTC). Could you clarify the age limit for eligibility for the CTC in the upcoming tax year and any income thresholds or other requirements that may apply?