Saving You Time & Money

Chances are, if you run a small business, you feel like you're spread pretty thin. On top of managing the day-to-day operation of your business, you may also be playing the role of a human resources manager, accountant, bookkeeper, and the like.

After all, your business isn't yet large enough to justify hiring your own HR and accounting team...right? Not so fast. While it might be a little early to bring in a full-time, salaried accountant or bookkeeper, there's a good chance that your business could benefit immensely from the use of remote bookkeeping services.

How Remote Bookkeeping Works

So, what exactly is remote bookkeeping and how does it work? Essentially, with a remote bookkeeper, you pay a professional bookkeeper to assist you with the organization and management of your business documentation. However, rather than hiring them in as full-time employees to work exclusively for your company, you pay only for the services you need—and all the bookkeeping is done remotely. This type of bookkeeping solution works well for small businesses for a number of reasons, as outlined below.

Money and Time Savings

First and perhaps most importantly, when you hire a remote bookkeeping service, you save a lot of money and time when compared to hiring a full-time bookkeeper or even attempting to do your own bookkeeping. Because your remote bookkeeper isn't a full-time employee, you don't pay them a salary and there's no need to offer them benefits.

Furthermore, you can avoid the onboarding costs associated with hiring a full-time bookkeeping professional. Instead, you pay a fraction of the price for the same quality services. In fact, because the remote bookkeeping industry is so competitive, you may even receive better service than you would with one in a salaried position.

In addition to saving money, you save precious time. No longer will you need to deal with the hassle of handling your company's bookkeeping on your own. Instead, you can use your time more wisely to expand your business and ensure its long-term success. All the while, you can enjoy the peace of mind in knowing your bookkeeping is taken care of.

Ease of Access From Devices

Another benefit of having a remote bookkeeper working for your company is the improved ease of access for you and your business data. Rather than having all of your documentation kept on-site in filing cabinets and on work computers, you can enjoy the convenience of accessing that information from just about anywhere, including:

  • your smartphone
  • your tablet
  • a home computer

Because many bookkeeping services these days use cloud data storage, you'll be able to access your bookkeeping data anytime and from just about anywhere. No longer will you need to venture out to your office for an important receipt or document. All the while, cloud data storage is extremely secure, with most services offering automatic data backups for added security and peace of mind on your end.

Cut Down on Paperwork

Any business owner who has ever attempted their own bookkeeping knows just how much paperwork is involved with it. Even for a small business with just a few employees, paperwork can quickly take over a small office and become difficult to organize and keep track of. With remote bookkeeping services, you enjoy the opportunity to eliminate that physical paperwork and convert it all into electronic format.

This not only frees up space in your workplace (possibly saving you from needing to rent out a larger office space) but saves you money on printing as well. Instead, all of the following documentation can be converted and safely stored in electronic form with a remote bookkeeping service:

  • employee tax information
  • balance sheets and income statements
  • income, revenue, and loss reports
  • accounts payable and receivable information
  • records of payment and receipts

And of course, when you go paperless with your bookkeeping through a remote bookkeeping service, you can enjoy the added benefit of bragging to your clients/customers that you've "gone green," which can boost your reputation within the industry.

What to Look for in a Small Business Bookkeeper

Now that you're aware of the benefits of switching to remote bookkeeping, how can you know what to look for in a remote bookkeeping service? After all, not all services offer the same features.

Start by considering the location of the service. Yes, it's remote, so it shouldn't matter...but you do need to think about time zones. If your bookkeeper will be located in a different time zone, then you may have trouble getting in touch with them at certain hours of the day. This is especially common in smaller remote organizations, where there may not be a large enough team to provide you with 24/7 support.

You'll also want to take the time to read online reviews for any remote bookkeeper service you're considering. These can be very telling in terms of what kind of customer service, support, and quality of service you can expect from any given company. A poorly reviewed service is probably not worth your time, even if they seem to offer the best price. And even a service with excellent reviews is worth setting up a phone consultation with before you decide to give them your business.

Communication is another important aspect of choosing a remote bookkeeper for your small business. If you prefer to communicate via e-mail, make sure your bookkeeper will be available and quick to respond to your messages. On the other hand, if you'd rather hold video calls or phone calls, you'll want to find a bookkeeper who is comfortable using these mediums as well. All of this, in addition to the required training and certification of each bookkeeper, should be carefully assessed before you come to a decision for your business.

All in all, hiring a remote bookkeeper is an excellent way to save money and free up time as a small business owner while enjoying the peace of mind that comes with having professional bookkeeping services.

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