Take bookkeeping off your mind

As an Orlando entrepreneur, you probably consider your bookkeeping responsibilities to be a necessary evil, a bothersome process that you would be much more comfortable doing without.  Sonu Shukla CPA has an answer that will make your life easier.

We provide a unique combination of professional bookkeeping services, as well as a comprehensive software program that will review your finances to make sure that everything is in order. It’s the next best thing to being able to toss aside bookkeeping entirely.


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Bookkeeping Professionals

We not only give you a simple and elegant software solution, we also provide a team of bookkeeping professionals that are dedicated to your business. They will become familiar with all of your processes and manage all of your bookkeeping needs, ensuring continuity of service and eliminating downtime.

Eliminate all of Your Bookkeeping Tasks

Instead of spending your valuable time on tedious bookkeeping procedures, Sonu Shukla CPA will assume all responsibilities for keeping your books current and ready for tax time.

Expertise Available When You Need It

Using Sonu Shukla CPA means far more than software and bookkeeping services. It also means that you have accounting professionals who are familiar with your business who are ready to provide you with the expert advise you need. Whether you’re looking for information regarding tax-advantaged practices, how to grow your business, improving your cash flow or any other accounting-related information, we are available and ready to help.

Experience a Stress-Free Tax Season

By putting your bookkeeping into the capable hands of Sonu Shukla CPA, you give yourself the ability to avoid the stress of tax-time deadlines and the knowledge that your returns are filed properly and to your best advantage.

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