Plano TX, CFO Services

If you’re the owner of a small business, the idea of bringing an experienced CFO onboard may seem like a fantasy. Though there’s no question that you could benefit from their knowledge and executive-level guidance, the high salary that this type of professional commands is well out of your business’ reach – at least for now. Fortunately, businesses in this position can get all of the advantages of a Chief Financial Officers experience without the expense by hiring a Virtual CFO. A Virtual CFO is an experienced CPA who comes into your business with the express goal of helping it to succeed. The service is affordable, yet can help you steer clear of making the common mistakes that all too frequently cause small businesses to fail. An outsourced CFO will closely analyze your business’ strengths and weaknesses, pinpointing the steps to improvement and putting you on a path with clear and realistic financial goals to success.

Bill Karraker, CPA is a CPA who provides outsourced CFO services in the Plano Texas area. He has more than twenty-five years of professional experience, and is particularly adept at building one-on-one relationships with an eye to helping business owners achieve their financial objectives. He uses his robust knowledge of what it takes for a business and his innate ability to closely analyze the inner workings of each individual business to pinpoint the specific steps that need to be taken to provide improvement. He listens carefully, works with all principals in order to ensure that he has a good understanding of your individual business, and becomes a part of your team to provide for all of your needs. All of this is done with an eye to cost – rather than having to pay a salary and benefits, your business simply pays a monthly fee.

There are numerous advantages to adding a financial expert to your team. Doing so gives you all of the advantages of having a full time Chief Financial Officer without the cost. Your fee is based on the work that you need done, and will be established at the outset so that you don’t need to worry about a bill growing out of control. For the price that is agreed upon, you add a valuable member to your team who will work with the same ardor and passion that you do. Bill Karraker takes a hands-on approach, working within your environment to help understand your everyday operation and challenges and finding solutions and improved efficiencies.  

Having a Virtual CFO on staff also provides you with all the benefits that come from having a CPA on your staff. The financial and accounting background and resources that we bring to your organization will help you achieve greater accuracy and efficiency in your bookkeeping tasks, and help you gain a better understanding of your business’ ebbs and flows and how to handle them. 

To get the advantage of an experienced CFO and the knowledge that they bring to the table, without the commitment of paying a high salary and benefits, contact our office today. Bill Karraker has proven to be a valuable resource and asset for many successful small businesses, and can do the same for you.

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