Using an IRS specialist can save you money

A tax resolution expert is a professional who provides representation or tax advice for those facing an audit or hearing with the IRS or state tax agency. Though not every situation calls for this type of service, there are definitely times when it has real and meaningful value. Here are the top situations where a tax resolution expert can help:

  • A tax resolution expert can demystify your situation and provide you with answers and options that you might not be able to find for yourself. Whether you have been presented with a notification of outstanding taxes, along with interest and penalties or simply need to discuss pressing issues such as emergency relief collection or whether to file for bankruptcy, a tax expert will be able to sit back and assess the situation without bias or emotion and brings to the table a complete understanding of the strategies available to you. They will also review the numbers that have been cited as outstanding by the IRS to determine whether they are accurate or can be disputed.

  • A tax resolution expert will be a strong and knowledgeable advocate for you when you owe large sums to the state or to the IRS. When back taxes are owed, these agencies can become highly aggressive and the situation can become charged and emotional. Having a professional act as your advocate will provide balance and reduce your stress.

  • If you have neglected to file your income taxes for an extended period of time, the IRS will file what is known as a Substitute for Return on your behalf. These filings often cause the taxpayer extreme concern and evoke an overly-anxious response. A tax resolution expert will carefully scrutinize the agency’s filing to determine whether it is appropriate based on your actual earnings during the years that you did not file or need to address it by preparing and providing corrected returns for the missing years. They will also be able to negotiate back payments to the IRS in a way that is less volatile and more suitable to your abilities.

  • In many cases, business that are required to pay either Payroll taxes or State taxes – known as 941 taxes – can fall behind in remitting these payments. When this happens to you there is a good chance that you will be audited or questioned, and in these cases it is advisable to have a tax resolution expert represent you.

  • There are a number of reasons that an individual taxpayer or business may be called in for an audit or meeting with the IRS or a tax agency, and though not all require tax expertise, the situation can be highly intimidating. If you are concerned about your ability to competently represent yourself, then having the support and representation of a tax professional will provide you with the confidence that you need.

  • Having a tax professional handle any issues that need to be resolved can save you valuable time that you could be spending on your own area of expertise. Though you may be completely capable of doing all of the needed research and calculations and preparing all of the appropriate documents for a meeting with the IRS or state tax agency, doing so is likely to take you far more time then it would a tax resolution expert, who specializes in the field and handles these issues on a daily basis. By bringing in a qualified expert to address the situation, you are able to spend your time on what is most productive for you and your business.

  • If you have received notice of a levy being placed on you or your business by the IRS, then quick and certain action needs to be taken. This is a highly aggressive process that requires a great deal of work in an abbreviated period of time, and you need a qualified and experienced tax professional to take care of it in the right way.

  • There are certain encounters with the IRS that are automatically classified as a serious action, and being assigned to a Revenue Officer or Automated Collection Systems (ACS) both fall into that category. Should this situation occur, you face a strong possibility of aggressive action being taken against you and you need professional representation that can stay calm and cool-headed while reviewing the situation and ascertaining exactly what needs to be done. It has been our experience that mistakes can be made by those issuing these actions, and that even when their information is correct having a competent negotiator and defender on your side can make a very big difference.

  • When you or your business receives notification of an audit by the IRS, then having your returns and documentation reviewed by an experienced tax professional is a huge benefit. Whether you are facing examination by a field agent or have received word of a correspondence audit, one call to our professional staff will provide you with the support and information that you need.

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