Who you work with matters!

Every year Congress tweaks our tax laws, leaving average citizens scratching their head when it comes to tax preparation and planning. Making even a simple mistake can cost you thousands. Or worse yet a visit from an IRS auditor.

A CPA by training, must stay abreast of the latest law changes to help you avoid surprises and take advantage of every legal deduction.

Whether you need someone to handle your business payroll or you just need reliable tax advice, you’ll be happier with your choice if you ask some preliminary questions.

  • Responsiveness - Whenever you start a new relationship, your partner should be quick to respond and be reliable. Even busy professionals provide feedback within a reasonable time and should continue to provide that level of service well into your relationship. Read the CPAs reviews to see what real client have to say. It can be very telling if they are responsive or not.
  • Personal Connection - Nothing is worse when you hire someone who doesn't get you or buy into your goals. You can hire the most expensive firm in your area, but if you don't feel good about your partner, it will be hard to buy into their advice. Your CPA should get to know you and not intimidate you.
  • Specialties - Whether it be working with homeowner associations, small businesses or high-income taxpayers, most Accountants specialize so they can provide a better service. Making sure you have a good match is step #1 to long term success.

Getting to know you and your unique tax or business situation is our number one job. The tax law and business climate are is constantly changing, and if your CPA doesn’t continually keep themselves abreast of the changes on a day to day basis, you might want to look elsewhere!

If the traits above are important to you, you have found the right Upland CPA.

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