Virtually Use Cloud Accounting Programs

If you are the owner of a small business in the Tampa area, then hiring a virtual bookkeeper may provide you with exactly the answer you need for your bookkeeping and accounting service needs. A virtual bookkeeper works remotely. It is a win-win solution that allows you to benefit from an experienced professional’s knowledge while allowing them the flexibility and freedom to work remotely.

How Does a Virtual Bookkeeper Work?

A virtual bookkeeper can provide you with all of the services that you would receive from an onsite bookkeeper – they just provide them by telecommuting rather than by being down the hall. All financial transactions, statements and accounts are accessible by both parties via an online computerized software package. The bookkeeper gets the benefit of being able to work from wherever they are most comfortable and your organization avoids needing to create space, pay a full time salary or benefits, and provide equipment or software.

The Web Makes it Possible

Virtual bookkeepers make use of web-based computer software. It lets them access state-of-the-art programs like QuickBooks or Xero online, logging into the secure network and accessing your documents in the same way that they would if they were on your local network. In some cases, you as the company owner pay for the software service and in others the virtual bookkeeper already has a subscription of their own.

Either way, both you and the bookkeeper will have access to the same and the ability to log in so that you can upload the information that they need in order to do your bookkeeping and accounting and they are able to communicate with you and send you the reports and services that you need. There is no need to hire an employee, no withholding or payroll tax – they act as an independent contractor and you simply pay them for their services. They are responsible for all of their own tax filings.

How a Virtual Bookkeeper Benefits Your Business

There are a lot of things to recommend the use of a virtual bookkeeper for a small business. First and foremost is the fact that the arrangement costs far less than employing an onsite employee to do your accounting or books, and also eliminates the need to provide space, equipment, software or office supplies for them. A virtual bookkeeper represents an enormous savings in terms of overhead, as there is also no need to provide them with insurance or benefits.

When you contract with one of these professionals, you are able to set the terms of their availability, deciding ahead of time how much time you want to contract for or even setting things up on an as-needed basis. For a small business, it is an ideal way to provide yourself with the professionalism, knowledge and experience that you need in an affordable way.

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