Advantages of Working With A CFO For Your Small Business

Are You Ready to Improve Your Business?

Small businesses typically have a tough time with finding the necessary funds to pay for an experienced Chief Financial Officer. However, that doesn't mean that they can’t benefit from experience and knowledge of one. Virtual CFOs can provide the expertise that these businesses need without the high costs and commitment of a full-time CFO. By doing this, a small business can avoid the failures that affect roughly five out of ten small businesses within the first five years of the establishment of the business. A virtual CFO can provide businesses with a CPA that can help the business to separate itself from its competitors, identify a business model that will lead to success, and figure out realistic financial goals upon which the business can focus. 

Virtual CFOs Are Affordable

Every industry has different requirements and that is why a virtual CFOs customize their services and methodology to the exact needs of the business. These needs can change based upon the requirements of the senior management and financial stakeholders require, as well as by the kind of business, the company's history and the individual characteristics of the business. In Texas, Cris Villarreal is a CPA who provides Chief Financial Officer and Financial Consultant services on a part time basis to clients in Harlingen, Texas and the surrounding areas.

Rather than dictate how his services work to clients, Chris will consult with each client to determine the business's specific needs for a CFO and then works to deliver the required services. Utilizing the services of a virtual CFO can permit a business to pay just a fixed monthly fee for all of the services that a full-time staff CFO might provide.

Using a virtual CFO can offer your business many advantages:

  • A virtual CFO offers services for a set fee so that you don't have to worry about hourly rates that can make things too expensive.

  • A virtual CFO will represent the interest of your organization by working with your business to identify problems and find solutions.

  • A virtual CFO that has experience as a CPA can provide additional financial services and resources as you require them, which will give you access to professional staff accountants and other services as required by your business cycle.

  • The top benefit of an outsourced CFO is the years of experience and knowledge that he or she can bring to your business. A virtual CFO has worked with businesses from many different industries over many decades to help these businesses to expand and grow their profits, guiding them to better decisions and best practices. You'll earn the benefits of a knowledgeable CFO without having to pay the full cost of one. 

To learn more about how Cris Villarreal, CPA, can help your business with virtual CFO services, contact him at 956-272-0115 for a free consultation.