5 Fresh QuickBooks Tips for the New Year

5 Fresh QuickBooks Tips for the New Year

The New Year has arrived – and now that the fanfare has ended and the last glass of champagne is gone, are you really ready? This collection of QuickBooks accounting tips will help you have your most productive and efficient business year yet.

Make the Most of QuickBooks in 2016 with these Helpful Apps

Sync with Square

If you use Square for point of sale purchases, then the Sync with Square app can help you save time when you enter data into QuickBooks. Being able to seamlessly integrate your sales as they happen can help you save lots of time – and prevent you from overlooking sales or missing important information, too. Connect your accounts now and you’ll benefit from the easy data entry all year long.

Take a Look at Collections and Past Due Accounts

If you are carrying past due collections from previous years, including 2015, it is tempting to think about them “later”…but later never comes. Avoid carrying these debts all year long by focusing on your collections and past due accounts early. Addressing these early in the year not only gets the problem off your desk, you’ll be first in line for payment in the new fiscal year for many of your clients.

If you find you have a lot of past due balances or collections accounts, it may be time to reevaluate how you are offering credit or payment terms to your customers. An app like InvoiceSherpa can help track your invoices and let you know when there is a problem; syncing your QuickBooks account with this app could help you avoid additional collections accounts in 2016.

Get a Fresh Start

Don’t drag outdated data or cumbersome sheets into the New Year. If you have begun a new fiscal year, creating a new QuickBooks file could speed things up dramatically. This is also the perfect time to make sure you are tracking all of your business expenses properly and not overlooking any hidden costs or fees. Consider an app like TallieExpensify or Neat to integrate with QuickBooks and effortlessly track your expenses in 2016.

Touch Base with Customers

The holiday season is frantic for many of your clients, and they are likely bombarded with promotional items and gifts. Opting to send a gift in the early part of the New Year reminds your clients you are thinking of them and helps you stand out from the crowd. Not sure how often you’ve been in touch? An easy to use CRM like Insightly or Legrand makes it easy to track the customer experience and ensure that you are truly making the most of your relationship and connection.

Update your Budget

If you haven’t already looked at your budget and compared both your anticipated revenues and your actuals, then now is the time. Close examination of your budget and your actual figures can help you avoid costly errors and plan for the rest of the year more efficiently. Corelytics can help you by reporting all of your key information in one easy place, using your real-time data. This reporting app is designed to work with QuickBooks and is fast and easy to use to get a bird’s eye view of your business performance.

Opting for more efficient applications and automating some functions can help you get the most from QuickBooks and run a more efficient and productive business in 2016. By streamlining key tasks with easily integrated apps you’ll save money in the New Year and have more time to focus on actually running your business.

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